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The CVI Partners Mortgage Income Fund

Where your money meets the stability of fixed returns, regular income, and real estate security.

Investment in this fund is only available to wholesale investors in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. *Full details on the returns, risks, and assumptions for this investment are available from the Information Memorandum.

CVI Partners Mortgage Income Fund

Change the way your money works for you

Earn a reliable 10% interest annually, with quarterly returns. You have the flexibility to select your investment and repayment term, along with the security of first mortgages over real estate. This investment is designed to tick the boxes!


Interest Paid Quarterly


1st Mortgage Security


Backed by Real Estate


No Development Lending


Chance Voight Investment Partners

Committed to Excellence

Chance Voight established itself in 2018. The Mortgage Income Fund, established subsequently, has been embraced by our wholesale investors who attribute its features and consistent returns as key factors in their satisfaction. With a track record of delivering reliable payments, our wholesale investors have found peace of mind in both our funds and our firm.


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By real estate on
first mortgages only.

CVI Partners Mortgage Income Fund excludes development lending and lower priority lending, focusing solely on secured first mortgages.

This approach deliberately avoids the uncertainty and risk that lower-priority and development lending can bring to investors.


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Chance Voight has been
trusted by wholesale investors since 2018.

Our mission over the years has remained unchanged: to offer outstanding products and a superior investor experience.

We operate with integrity and accountability, values that underpin every interaction and decision we make. At Chance Voight, we are committed to striving for excellence in everything we do.


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Fixed returns.
Paid quarterly.

Investors in the CVI Partners Mortgage Income Fund enjoy fixed quarterly returns paid directly into their nominated bank. Alternatively, investors can choose to reinvest their interest payments to compound their returns.

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Our investors often choose to reinvest in the CVI Partners Mortgage Income Fund due to its reliable returns and seamless investor experience

Bernard Whimp

Chance Voight Investment Corporation Founder, CEO/CIO

We Spoke to You, Our Investors

Here is what You asked for in a Fund

Predictable Returns

You asked for an excellent interest rate with reliable returns.

The security of regular, predictable payments you can count on.


Your investment, your way. The flexibility to customise the amount and choose the repayment term.

The ability to align your investment with your financial preferences.

Real Estate Security

A hassle-free investment option that retains the security associated with real estate.

Avoid Unnecessary Risk

You wanted peace of mind by having a straightforward investment that avoids unnecessary risks.

How the Fund Works

Developed in Response to Investor Feedback

This fund offers a solid annual interest rate and quarterly returns, providing flexibility in investment level and repayment terms. Backed by first mortgages on residential real estate, our goal was to design a secure and straightforward investment option based on investor feedback.


Pooled Funds

Investors' funds are pooled together with funds from other investors across New Zealand.

These funds collectively form the property-backed deposits of the CVI Partners Mortgage Income Fund.


Trust Account

Investor funds are securely deposited and held in a lawyer's trust account.

This process ensures a measure of security for all transactions.


Property Selection

Each property undergoes evaluation by the fund.

A professional registered valuation is obtained to ensure accurate Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR) calculations.

The fund adheres to a maximum 80% Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR).

Properties approved by the fund's evaluation process are added to the investment portfolio.


Mortgage Advancement

The lawyer prepares the necessary mortgage documents for the selected properties.

The mortgage is registered on the property's title to secure the fund's interest.

The lawyer coordinates the transfer of funds from the trust account to advance the mortgage on the selected properties.


Investor Returns

Investors receive returns on their investments every quarter.

They have the option to receive cash returns deposited into their nominated bank account. Alternatively, investors can choose to reinvest their returns to grow their initial investment through compounding.

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We never lose sight of the fact that a successful business is built on integrity, acumen, fortitude, and strong investor relationships.

Laura Patterson

Chance Voight Investment Corporation General Manager


What our Investors Say

I have been an investor with Chance Voight for over 6 years and I have to say that Chance Voight is a terrific firm.

They have always been completely reliable with interest and principal repayments, and I have done very well from the financial returns I have received. The firm is utterly trustworthy, and they always do what they say they will do. I would happily recommend this firm to anybody.

Peter D

Chance Voight Investor

Investing with Chance Voight was a game—changer for me.

I can relax and enjoy the great returns knowing my investment is in a well structured and secure fund. Bernard and his team offer an excellent and friendly service. I have complete confidence in them.

Garth B

Chance Voight Investor


Key Team Members

Chance Voight prides itself on being friendly and approachable

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CVI Partners Mortgage Income Fund


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