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The development of a New Zealand based, New Zealand owned, equities investment business of global reach and scale.

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Chance Voight

Chance Voight Documentary

Chance Voight Investment Corporation is building a diversified Australasian investment company centred on the launch of its Australian stock market hedge fund operations.

Chance Voight

Bernard Whimp Documentary

Bernard is an exceptionally authentic person, and he is able to explain the share market investment in terms that anyone can understand. Once you meet him, you'll realise there probably isn't anyone in New Zealand quite like him.


Mortgage Income Fund Product Video

The CVI Partners Mortgage Income Fund has been designed to provide investors with a winning combination of security and income.

Chance Voight

Bernard Whimp - Founder and CEO/CIO

Bernard Whimp, one of New Zealand's foremost thinkers on the inner workings of the Australian share market and founder/CIO of Australasian hedge fund, Chance Voight Investment Partners, talks about the thinking he applies when hunting for bargain situations.

Chance Voight

Bernard Whimp - Investment Style

Bernard Whimp, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and founder of Australasian hedge fund, Chance Voight Investment Partners, talks about his investment style in the Australian share market (the ASX).


Bernard Whimp - Off-market Offers Discussion

Bernard Whimp talks about his experiences buying the shares of listed companies directly from shareholders in off-market offers back in 2010/2011, that ultimately led him to found Australasian hedge fund, Chance Voight Investment Partners.

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