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Chance Voight's South Island back office team

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Chance Voight prides itself on being friendly and approachable and we continue to stack up highly capable team members across every sector to ensure a smooth and successful investment process for investors.

Several years into its development Chance Voight is today being taken forward by a dedicated 20+ person team. As we have developed, we've added many key employees, with a few more hires to go. We have people working in such areas as Chartered Accountancy, Digital Marketing, Investor Relations, Stock Analysis, and Office Administration. It takes a while to find the right person and integrate them into our team. (We're looking for a certain mindset in the people we hire. It's important they have the right spirit and the essential Chance Voight attitude to investment and life).

We're very happy with the highly skilled team we have assembled so far and there is a terrific atmosphere in the office as we all put our shoulders to the wheel. We're expecting to double our current employee numbers over the next year, to handle the increasing volumes of work and business that the office is generating.

The Chance Voight team is highly dedicated and focused as we pursue our mission to create a globally successful hedge fund.

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