Investment Style

Our investing style is unhitched from market indices.

We're not reliant on the market being “up” to make profits, we have no interest in what the broader market is doing. We're not distracted by what's going on in the world financially or politically.


We don't care what interest rates are going to do next week, what government is going to be elected, or what's happening in Britain, Europe or the United States. The reason we don't care is because it's all irrelevant to our hunt for free value. It's all market and media noise and it has no place in our style of investing.


When the investing stars line up and a great opportunity presents itself it's important to size it correctly. Our specialty is to understand and develop very high conviction about an undervalued situation, then to invest heavily.


We keep our investment capital where we can achieve outstanding returns on it – in investment situations with the right characteristics – in a concentrated portfolio of winning situations. By thinking this way, we tilt the likelihood of extraordinary success steeply in our direction.

What we believe

Go against the grain to generate the highest returns.

At the core of our investment philosophy is an intense belief in independent thought and action. You cannot do what everyone else does and achieve better than average results. To be a good investor - to generate the highest returns - you must go against consensus thinking. As the saying goes, “you've got to be different and you've got to be right!”

Nobody invests successfully by following the crowd. We're not influenced by what other people think or do. We want to get the facts and work out what's right and what's wrong. We seek no reassurance that other people see a particular investment situation the way we do. Go against the grain to generate the highest returns.

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Acquire equity as cheaply as possible.

Many of the great fortunes in the world have been built by people who concentrated their efforts into a single company - where they had acquired their equity (ownership) cheaply before their business was listed on a stockmarket, or during some moment of crisis in a company's history.

Our aim is to replicate this situation by thinking like a business owner and acquiring equity in listed companies as cheaply as we can. We think that if a business is worth a dollar and we can buy it for 50 cents something good may happen to us.

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