Chance Voight Investment Corporation

The development of a billion-dollar business in the Aussie stock market.

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Initial Public Offering

Invest in the Chance Voight Investment Corporation IPO.

To be offered: 31,250,000 ordinary shares in the capital of the Chance Voight Investment Corporation Limited at an issue price of $0.80c per share.

Invest in the offer from as little as $5,000 (6250 shares).

Chance Voight Investment Corporation Limited — The development of a New Zealand based, Australian focused, equities investment business centred on a deep value, high conviction, high probability hedge fund investment style with the ultimate aim of its own listing on the Australian stock market (the ASX).

Join Chance Voight in the acquisition of significant shareholdings in public companies listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges.

  • Be a Chance Voight shareholder as we go after the shares of cheap underperforming ASX and NZX businesses and potential takeovers of entire companies.
  • Take part in the adventure and excitement of being an ‘activist investor’ pushing for change in publicly listed companies and looking to mine ‘free value’ from Australasian stock markets.
  • Consider diversifying your investments outside the lacklustre New Zealand economy — invest in the booming Australian economy and its dynamic share market.
  • Invest in what we believe will prove to be a great South Island based, high growth company, planning to quickly build its balance sheet through a combination of capital raisings, script-based takeover bids and well-timed investment in listed shares.
  • Enjoy being a shareholder and follow Chance Voight's planned dramatic stock market moves in a company sure to make the business news headlines, day after day.

Chance Voight Investment Corporation Limited intends to operate and promote its investment and funds management business across all of New Zealand and Australia — a combined population base of over 30 million.

DISCLAIMER: Chance Voight Investment Corporation Limited is considering making an offer of financial products in New Zealand. No money is currently being sought. No financial products can currently be applied for or acquired. Any offer will be made in accordance with the New Zealand Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. No indication of interest will involve an obligation or commitment to acquire a financial product. Details of the risks and assumptions for the Chance Voight ordinary share offer will be set out in detail in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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“After several years of intense effort, we're highly confident that we are ‘cooking with gas’ on a large-scale, internationally orientated business”

Bernard Whimp

Chance Voight Investment Corporation Founder, CEO/CIO

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