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Director and Founder

Bernard Whimp

Bernard is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and a Director of Chance Voight Investment Corporation Limited (CVI Corporation), Chance Voight Investment Partners Limited, and all CVI Corporations' subsidiary companies. Prior to his re-orientation towards the share market a decade ago, Bernard accumulated extensive experience as a financier of, and investor in, real estate transactions as well as the building of financial/investment type businesses. The establishment of Chance Voight in 2018 builds on an intensive ten years' experience as a professional share investor in the Australian stock market (the ASX).


Non-Executive Director

Paul Currie

Paul is a non-executive director of Chance Voight Investment Partners Limited and it’s equities investment funds management subsidiaries. He is also a non-executive director of Chance Voight Investment Corporation Limited (Chance Voight Investment Corporation). Paul has dual law and commerce degrees from Otago University and manages his own boutique property and commercial law practice in Christchurch. Early in his career he spent time working as a tax accountant with Ernst & Young, where he gained experience in tax, capital raising and prospectuses, then moving on to work for a number of law firms, in their commercial, property and banking law teams.

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